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How many Wi-Fi access points do I need?

So, the time has come to install wireless access points around your business. Depending on the size and shape of the space, your setup may involve a variety of configurations. Read on to determine how many Wi-Fi access points you need, as well as how you can use voice and data technology solutions to revolutionize your business.

How many access points do you need?

Before deciding on the positioning of your access points, you'll need to establish exactly how many access points are suitable for your space. Measuring the area in square feet is usually a good starting point. Using these numbers, you can plan to install one access point for approximately every 1000 square feet of space.

Beyond Square Footage

However, square footage is not the only determining factor when deciding on a number of access points. It's also important to look at the shape of the area. If your layout is in an "L" or "T" or "H" style floorplan, access points may not be accessible to all users. Therefore, depending on the number of walls in the space, you may need to augment the number of access points in the space.

Generally, a good rule of thumb to follow is to multiply the square footage to account for every additional wall or barrier. So, an L-shape would be multiplied by two, a T-shape by three, an H-shape by four, and so on.

Wall Material

You can obtain an even more precise estimate if you know what kind of material each wall is made of. Walls constructed of brick, cement, or cinder block are extremely dense. Walls built of these materials will probably lead to an increased need for access points in your space. Once you know whether or not the building materials will interfere with your signal, you can plan out the number of Wi-Fi access points accordingly.

Number of Users

One additional factor to take into consideration is the number of wireless devices and users. When you anticipate a large number of users, it's essential to cater your wireless access points accordingly. This is especially true in large areas, like auditoriums and stadiums. You can use math to determine how many users you anticipate at any given time. Then, you can take the steps necessary to ensure your network does not become overloaded.

Type of Usage

If you are installing access points in a high-usage environment, you may also want to keep in mind other details. What kind of access will your users need? What types of applications will they be using? Answering these questions may allow you to gain a more accurate understanding of usage volume and capacity.

However, it's important to remember your conclusions are only as accurate as your estimates. Once you get started on the design phase, you should have a better idea of how to properly position and install your access points. From there, you can add additional access points as needed.

Voice and Data Technology Solutions for Your Needs

Before you can start delving into the specifics of access points, you'll want to ensure you have a configuration that works for your business needs. NTS Direct provides clients with phone systems, telecom pricing, and more. Contact us online today or give us a call at 1-877-483-5393 to learn how we can help you. Our top-notch customer service means someone is always available to answer your questions.