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Here at NTS Direct, we are proud partners with Grandstream. Grandstream Networks has been a leader in IP voice and video technology for over 12 years, earning multiple awards in the process. Their products are specifically designed to serve small and medium sized businesses as well as larger enterprises who want to lower their communication costs while increasing security protection of sensitive information.

Additionally, these solutions are capable of increasing productivity through more capable collaboration among your client’s employees due to enhanced mobility; this is especially important when your clients are dealing with remote or traveling workers! We created this buyer’s guide to give you a brief overview of our Grandstream offerings. 


IP Phones

For many, the desktop phone is central to business operations and has become a familiar tool on which people depend for communication. They provide an interface that will always be available in any situation where there's internet access, making it invaluable during emergencies or other situations when cell phones are not as reliable.

IP phones have changed a lot in recent years- they're easier to deploy and more useful than ever thanks to their features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Additionally, they boast sleek designs that users will find appealing for years to come. The modern IP phone is pretty great for your client’s business because it's easy enough to get started without the headache of the client managing; just use cloud provisioning and management platforms!


IP Phone Target Markets

With IP phones, services can easily be added. Features like video, remote solutions, facility management, and surveillance are just a few of the many services available. IP phones also support mobility, which is becoming more important to your clients than ever with the increase of remote workers. 

Due to these features, IP phones are a great asset to any sized business or industry. The level of reliability of an IP phone can’t be beat. Some target markets that stand out for IP phones are service providers, the education field, the hospitality industry, the healthcare industry and businesses. So, as you expand your customer base, reach out to these industries.

The scalability of IP phones makes them a great choice for any industry, but especially industries that use many handsets. This includes hotels, schools, and even hospitals or doctor offices that need phones in every room.


Building an IP Phone Solution

There are a few very important considerations for setting up the correct IP phone solution for your customer’s business. As you work with your clients be sure to assess the following aspects of their business.


Set Up and Management

As you know, you will be responsible for set up and management. This is a major perk for your customers. Be sure to let them know cloud management platforms allow IP phone deployment and are quick and easy. No more clients touching every single device to configure them!

With zero-touch provisioning, devices automatically find their updated configurations when they are connected to your client’s network. This saves valuable time and resources because installation is automated from start to finish!

Cloud networks allow you to manage devices from anywhere. Cloud networks enable active device alerts for diagnostics, reports and more! The Cloud management platforms also help your clients customize devices easily with little guidance from you.


Workplace Network

When considering which phones to use, there are 3 network factors that can make a big difference:

  • What type of network does your client have? Is the network wired, Wi-Fi, or both? Most IP phone deployments require wired networks. However, VoIP-over-Wi-Fi networks are becoming more common.
  • How fast is the network speed capacity? If your client’s network supports speeds over 100Mbps, an IP phone will work great for that company. However, IP phones with Gigabit connections can support up to 1000Mbps and will allow your clients to support the highest quality voice communications.
  • Does your client have access to a PoE switch? While PoE switches provide connections and power through one cable, your customers will need to use phones that support PoE.


IP Phone Matchmaker

After all workplace conditions are taken into account, there is one more area that needs to be considered before your customers can commit to an IP phone...their users. Your customers must take into consideration how their employees will use their IP phones. Some areas to consider are call volume, call activity, connection type, mobility, headsets and speakerphones.

Each of these factors can affect the number of lines that company needs, the number of speed-dial keys that solution needs, and if Wi-Fi capabilities are needed to name a few.


NTS Direct Can Find the Perfect Fit for You

NTS Direct is here to help you find the perfect product for your customers. While this guide goes over some of the basic considerations you will need to account for when deciding on the right IP phones, our specialists can help you even further. Contact us today to find the perfect Grandstream IP phones for your customers, along with a variety of additional add-ons that make communications a breeze and improve your offerings today!