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NTS Direct - Avaya Cloud Office Master Agent

Call, meet, message, and more all in one app — with Avaya Cloud Office.


Avaya provides market-defining communication and collaboration solutions that deliver the future of the digital workplace to help organizations achieve their ambitions. We connect people and things in ways that offer more immersive, more productive, and more memorable experiences.

We’re reimagining digital communications with innovation that defines the future of work, and the customer and employee experience. Our Avaya OneCloud™ experience as a service platform and multi-cloud application ecosystem empower organizations to deliver experiences that matter. 

Choose a Cloud Phone System That Fits the Way You Work

Avaya Cloud Office lets your customers simplify the way their business communicates on any device, in any location — with the features and options they want, all in one app.

  • Call, chat, meet, and collaborate no matter where their employees might be.
  • Keep teams connected through virtual rooms, with screen sharing and video.
  • Stay on task and on schedule with file sharing and task management.
  • Bring together 100+ business integrations, like Google Drive and Salesforce, to customize a true, cloud-based unified communications experience.

Control the Entire Communication and Collaboration Experience

Avaya Cloud Office delivers an intuitive experience that’s easy for your customers to manage and accessible from a phone, a browser, or mobile device. And if the work changes throughout the day, Avaya Cloud Office changes with it. Their employees can quickly transition to the mode that’s exactly right at any moment. One click is all it takes to start a call, join a meeting, contribute to a team chat, or share content.


Get the All-in-One Solution from Avaya Cloud Office

We help organizations avoid much of the overhead of system management and upgrades while gaining the advantages of new features every quarter — all at a stable monthly cost that fits with their budget.

  • Reduce costs – There’s no need to pay for separate meeting services. Enjoy unlimited audio and video conferencing with up to 200 participants (up to 1,000 for audio only)
  • Enjoy secure, reliable communications – Enterprise-grade 5 9s reliability with highly secure, globally distributed data centers ensure critical business communications remain secure and available.
  • Leverage the apps you use every day – Integrate our unified communications platform with apps from vendors such as Google, Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft to create a seamless experience.
  • Better understand your business – Get complete analytics with built-in reports and custom dashboards to view utilization, missed calls, time to answer, refused calls, meeting frequency, system Quality of Service (QoS), and other metrics.


Become an Avaya Cloud Office Partner

Learn how Avaya Cloud Office is ready to support the future workplace. Contact NTS Direct, Master Agent, at 877-483-5393 or submit your information below. You can also learn more at


Submit your information and the NTS Direct Avaya Cloud Office team will contact you shortly.

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Businesses are built by the experiences they provide, and everyday millions of those experiences are delivered by Avaya Holdings Corp. (NYSE: AVYA). Avaya is shaping what's next for the future of work, with innovation and partnerships that deliver game-changing business benefits. Our cloud communications solutions and multi-cloud application ecosystem power personalized, intelligent, and effortless customer and employee experiences to help achieve strategic ambitions and desired outcomes. Together, we are committed to help grow your business by delivering Experiences that Matter.?