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How We Communicate At Work Has Changed

During the past few years, so much has changed in terms of how we function in the workplace. At NTS Direct, we understand how important it is to provide your business with the right solutions. As the Master Broker for Unify Office in the U.S., we want to turn our tools and knowledge into your best asset.

Whether your team is back in the office or at home, Unify Office can help meet your needs. This service can help your team communicate to the highest standards and make the most out of their time.

Unify Office provides integrations for more than 200 apps that are ready at moments’ notice. This can merge with your other tools seamlessly to help you create the perfect digital workspace. 




  • Unlimited file sharing
  • Message others from any device, any place.
  • In-built task management system
  • Ability to invite others to team chat without charge



  • High def one-click video calls
  • Share screen options
  • Integrates with Office 365 and Google Calendars
  • Option to record meetings



  • One business phone for both calls and fax
  • Call Flip advanced calling options
  • Manage calls with Wi-Fi or cell data
  • Manage voicemails with carrier-grade reliability


Why Does Integration Matter?

Employees today want to be more connected with their teams and with each other. There are thousands of apps that are trying to help them get together. The main issue that they face is that those apps aren’t unified through a single platform. When this occurs, you’ll never get to make those connections, and your business won’t be able to reach its potential.

Studies show that 69% of workers waste up to 60 minutes a day going from one app to the next. That adds up to 32 days per year. Wasted time at work can mean billions of dollars lost per year. In fact, app overload can lead to negative effects for your business in the long run.

How Unify Office Helps You Address This Issue?

Today, a vast majority of workers want to handle their communications via a single platform. This helps work feel less hectic for them and allows them to achieve a better workflow.

Five Key Perks Of An Integrated Approach

  • Better communication with team members
  • Better organization
  • Improved output from workers
  • More control over work
  • More time saved 


Register to Become a Unify Office Partner

As we move towards a more hybrid workplace, NTS Direct is ready to provide you a better way forward. We offer a unique method of expediting the transition for customers with on-site phone and collaboration systems to Unify Office.


We’re ready to help you achieve the best flexible remote workspace. Contact NTS Direct, Master Agent, at 877-483-5393 or submit your information below. Once submitted, an NTS Direct Unify Office team member will contact you shortly.