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NTS Direct and Grandstream will be hosting a GCP (Grandstream Certified Professional) Networking Series Certification located at the Grandstream Networks Headquarters. The training will be on-site and run by Grandstream's Director of Support, Hieu Huynh.

This certification course covers setup, deployment, and maintenance of Grandstream's award-winning Wi-Fi APs, managed switches, and Wi-Fi routers.

Date: May 23rd 2023

Location: 126 Brookline Ave, Boston, MA 02215

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Catered Lunch Included

Happy Hour located at Bleacher Bar!


  • Introduction to the GWN Series
  • Initial Setup and Configuration
  • Deployment Scenarios
  • Configuring GWN Features and Functions
  • Connecting to different management options


All attendees are required to purchase or bring their own devices. The devices include:

  • 1 x GWN7062 
  • 1 x GWN7801P 
  • 1 x GWN7660

The Grandstream GWN Training Demo Kit includes all the required devices. If you are planning to purchase the demo kit, please let us know in our form and one of our sales representatives will reach out to you. You will receive your demo kit in person once you arrive.

- $395 Grandstream GWN Training Demo Kit

If you plan to bring your own equipment, you will pay a discounted rate.

- $99.00 per person



Use the form below to register for the training. 




The Networking GCP Exam will be administered after the training session. Please note that all students must currently have passed the Networking GCS exam prior to taking the Networking GCP Exam. The Networking GCS certificate is not required to sit the course. The Networking GCS exam is a free online, self-paced course and can be taken here: 






Lab 1: GWN Physical Installation

  • GWN70xx Routers:  Mounting, Powering, Connecting ...
  • GWN780x(P) Switches Mounting, Powering, Connecting ...
  • GWN76xx Access Points: Mounting, Powering, Connecting ...


Lab 2: GWN Deployment

  • GWN70xx Routers: Standalone Mode (Accessing web UI, Connecting, etc)
  • GWN70xx Routers: Master/Slave Architecture (Router/Access Points, Pairing, configuration, etc)
  • GWN780x(P): Powering, Connecting, Accessing web UI, etc
  • GWN780x(P): Full Setup (GWN Switch & GWN Router & GWN Access points)
  • GWN76xx Access points: Standalone Mode (Discovering, Connecting, etc)
  • GWN76xx Access Points: Master/Slave Architecture (Pairing, Transfer, Failover, Takeover, etc)


Lab 3: GWN Features

  • GWN70xx Routers: Load Balancing, Failover, Routing, VPN, Firewall, etc.
  • GWM780x(P): Link Aggregation, VLAN, STP, Multicast, QoS, Security, etc.
  • GWN76xx Access Points: Roaming, Client Isolation, Steering and Bridge, Band Steering, Mesh, etc.


Lab 4: GWN Management

  • GWN.Cloud: Signing Up, Adding GWN Devices, Adding Network, Clients & Guests management, Profile, etc.
  • GWN Manager: Local Installation (VM), Manager Settings, Users Management, etc. 
  • GWN App: Android & iOS Installation, Adding/Configuring SSID, Alerts, etc.



About the Grandstream Academy

The Grandstream Academy is a centralized portal for all certification training needs, providing a streamlined training and certification process for our resellers, integrators and installers. The main features of the Academy include:

  • Consolidated trainings page for all available trainings around the globe
  • Multiple training levels including Certified Specialist, Certified Professional and Certified Expert
  • Online exam with automatic grading
  • Digital training certificates that can be viewed and downloaded at any time
  • Marketing kits for tips on how to promote your certification status
  • Different training types (Online, Onsite, Renewal and Self-training)

Click here to learn more about Grandstream's Academy and available certifications