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Fanvil Technology

Our Top Choice For IP Voice And Headset Solutions

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What Fanvil Does For You?

Nowadays, people want cost-effective IP voice and video products that bring them quality, style, and value for money. At NTS Direct, we know the importance of providing you with solutions that best meet your communication needs. As an Authorized Master Distributor for Fanvil, we want to turn our knowledge into your best asset. That way, you’ll have the best experience.

Fanvil has become one of the best brands for VoIP phones across the globe. A big reason is that they produce premier devices that help advance the causes of small, mid-size, and enterprise brands. In addition to VoIP phones, Fanvil also produces these three great products as well.

  • Door phones and intercoms
  • Headsets
  • Hotel phones


Fanvil has been in the industry for over 16 years. They’re set to become a leading global figure for IP voice or video manufacturers.

All of Fanvil’s current and future IP phone models are now certified on CISCO Broadworks. To learn more about CISCO, check out our article here.



Fanvil IP Phones And Their Uses

Fanvil provides IP phones that are ideal for VoIP users who need reliable, low-cost solutions. Whether you’re a small or large business, Fanvil provides you with a wide range of VoIP phones to meet your needs. Below is a list of key features on how Fanvil IP phones can help enhance your business functions. 

  • HD voice
  • High-grade SIP phones
  • Integrated color displays
  • PoE support


Fanvil IP phones are made to be dependable, compatible, and cost-effective. These phones work with many communication platforms that include Asterisk, Broadsoft, 3CX, and others. They use Broadcom chipsets to provide modern telephony features through headsets and speakerphones.

This helps give you the flexibility you need to fulfill your most crucial business tasks.



The popular XS and XU series is designed for all your enterprise and small business needs.  Here are some features.


Harman Speaker for HD Audio

            Using the speaker will bring a crystal audio experience for our users.

User-friendly Design for Easier Operation

            Clear large display(s) and newly-added line keys and function keys with LED lights make it an ideal choice to improve the work efficiency of your employees.

Greater Interoperability for Flexible Work

            Don’t be tied to a wire.  Matched with accessories, like EHS headset, built-in Bluetooth and WiFi via WiFi dongle means you have the flexibility to work wherever you need to.

View Fanvil’s product page here.



Fanvil H Series Hotel Phones And What They Can Do For You

The Fanvil H Series is a set of phones that are made for hotels. These types of phones are reliable and pretty easy to use. They also come with these four great benefits to help improve your business functions. 

  • Easy to install or configure
  • Integrated communication platforms
  • Solid functionality
  • Stylish appearance
  • Top call and voice quality

The hotel phone series includes the H2S, two entry-level phones, the H3, one high-end color phone, and the H5. These phones will look great in most hotel rooms and can support most app requirements.

If you’re looking for the best call quality and ease of use, then check out Fanvil’s H Series hotel phones.

View Hotel Phones Here



How Fanvil SIP Intercom And Door Phones Can Best Serve You?

These door phones are made to meet the most crucial demands that only intercom systems can meet. They have many unique benefits that can best help meet the needs of customers.

  • Extra high-volume levels
  • Function tracking
  • Great protection against vandals and damage
  • Hands-free talking
  • Wall-mounting
  • Weather-proof

Fanvil’s door phones and intercoms can work best for many types of verticals, like those listed below.

  • Banks
  • Commercial buildings
  • Factories
  • Freight centers
  • Grocery stores
  • Homes
  • Manufacturing sites
  • Mines
  • Prisons
  • Rail stations
  • Schools

Wherever you need strong and effective door systems, Fanvil has a great set of choices to meet your diverse needs.

View Door Phone And Intercom Systems Here




How Fanvil Headsets Improve Your Work Experience?

Fanvil is proud to offer first-class headsets that are built to last. The HT201 and HT202 are headsets you can wear over your head. These headsets are an ideal choice for SOHO as well as for call center or office staff.

These Fanvil headsets help deliver clear phone discussions and improve the customer experience on each call. This is possible thanks to the great aspects these headsets provide for others.

  • Great wear comfort
  • HD sound
  • Long-lasting strength
  • Mono and Duo options on hand
  • Noise-removing microphone

They also come with Peakstop features that protect you from sudden loud noise before they can reach your ears. If you’re looking for advanced headsets that bring you comfort and enhanced performance, then give Fanvil headsets a try.

View Fanvil Headsets Here



How Becoming A Fanvil Partner Can Advance Your Cause?

As we see more advances in technology, NTS Direct is ready to provide you with the best path forward. We offer a unique way to bring you the right voice and video solutions that help advance your business goals.

NTS Direct is your Authorized Master Fanvil Distributor for all of North America. By joining the Fanvil Reseller Program, you’ll have access to unique sales and marketing tools, tech support, webinars, training, and more.

We’re ready to help you achieve a more conversable and flexible workplace. Sign up for our Fanvil Reseller Program today, and let us go to work for you.


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Product #: FV-HS-TYPE4-B-Z
Price: $9.00
Product #: CM60-Z
Price: $79.00
Product #: H2S-Z
Price: $71.00
Product #: H3W-White-Z
Price: $100.00
Product #: H5W-Z
Price: $129.00
Product #: H5W-WHITE-Z
Price: $135.00
Product #: FV-HS-TYPE1-Z
Price: $9.00
Product #: i53W-Z
Price: $127.00
Product #: i56A-Z
Price: $329.00
Product #: PA2S-Z
Price: $169.00
Product #: X2P-Z
Price: $79.00
Product #: X6U-N-Z
Price: $213.00
Product #: H5-WHITE-Z
Price: $114.00
Product #: HT201-Z
Price: $89.00
Product #: HT202-Z
Price: $99.00
Product #: BT20-Z
Price: $28.00
Product #: I10D-Z
Price: $101.00
Product #: I10V-Z
Price: $131.00
Product #: I30-Z
Price: $485.00
Product #: I32V-Z
Price: $348.00
Product #: PSU-FANVIL-12V-Z
Price: $12.00
Product #: I10-Z
Price: $87.00
Product #: PSU-FANVIL-5V-Z
Price: $12.00
Product #: PA2-Z
Price: $180.00
Product #: WB102-Z
Price: $18.00
Product #: PSU-FANVIL-5V/2A-Z
Price: $12.00
Product #: H5-Z
Price: $114.00