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60-Button DSS Console (BK)
MSRP: $226.00

Price: $250.00
Compatible with the following endpoints: - DT410 (Digital 2/6/12-Button) - DT430 (Digital 12/24/32-Button & Self-Labeling) - DT830 (IP 12/24/32-Button & Self-Labeling) When used with an IP endpoint: - Attaches and connects directly to the IP endpoint - Requires an AC adapter (AC-Z BE115923) When used with a digital endpoint: - Attaches to the endpoint or the endpoint’s optional 8-Button Key Assembly, but connects to a separate digital station port (does not require User License). - Does NOT require an AC Adapter. Contains built-in wall-mount. Note: When connected to an endpoint that is equipped with an adapter (APR, ADA, BHA, BCA, IP6, or WFA), a DSS Wall Mount Adapter (P/N BE107666) is required. See page 46. Programming a “Shift” key allows 54 keys to have dual functions. Maximum (32) DSS Consoles per digital endpoint. Maximum (1) DSS Console per IP endpoint (See note below). Additional DSS Consoles (up to the system maximum of 32) can be added to an IP endpoint, but must be connected to digital station ports. Maximum (32) DSS Consoles per system.
1 Year Warranty