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SV9100 Web Video Cnf- Lic

SV9100 Web Video Cnf- Lic
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SV9100 Web Video Conference License (WebRTC)
MSRP: $50.00

Price: $56.00
Provides video conference session for single party, using WebRTC. System allows up to (4) 8-user video conferences. Example: An 8-Party conference requires (8) licenses. Also includes voice conferencing & screen sharing. Requires SV9100 R4 s/w or higher & R4 license or higher. Notes: With SV9100 R4, only parties on the same network as the SV9100 can participate. With SV9100 R5 or higher, NAT Traversal is supported, so external parties – outside the network of the SV9100 – can join a WebRTC video conference. NAT Traversal requires use of an online STUN/TURN server. Refer to the SV9100 Features and Specs Manual for more details and a list of tested online STUN/TURN servers. Some are at no charge.
1 Year Warranty