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Grandstream CloudUCM PLUS (Annual)

Grandstream CloudUCM PLUS (Annual)
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Grandstream CloudUCM PLUS (Annual)

CloudUCM is a cloud PBX solution that provides a scalable and secure business communication and collaboration platform with powerful features and integrations that enable teams to be more productive than ever before. This cloud PBX unifies all business communication onto one centralized solution that provides voice and video calling, meetings, chat, data, analytics, mobility, surveillance, facility access, intercoms and more.

CloudUCM supports all SIP endpoints and the Wave app for desktop, mobile, and web, allowing teams to communicate and collaborate from anywhere on nearly any device. This scalable solution can be easily expanded at any time without the need for extra equipment, provides enterprise-level security and reliability, and supports powerful third-party integrations and expansions.

By providing a state-of-the-art suite of communication and collaboration features, bank-grade security, advanced customization, and a variety of plan options, CloudUCM is the ideal PBX solution for small-to-medium sized businesses, retail, hospitality, and residential deployments.

CloudUCM PLUS Plan:

  • Up to 50 Extensions
  • Up to 16 Concurrent Audio/Video calls
  • 2 GB Cloud Storage
  • Wave Softphone App for Desktop, Mobile & Web
  • Built-in SBC 9 Comprehensive UC Features
  • Customer Service Platform Support
  • Recording
  • API Integration
  • Third-Party Add-Ons
  • Custom Domain Name