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Yealink CP700-BT50 Portable Speakerphone

Yealink CP700-BT50 Portable Speakerphone
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Yealink CP700-BT50 - Yealink Ultra-compact Portable Speakerphone with USB and Bluetooth connectivity - with BT50 dongle
Price: $109.99

Yealink CP700-BT50 Portable Spearkerphone with BT50

The Yealink CP700 is ideal for the on-the-go professional who needs to answer and receive calls anywhere. It’s great for personal use, or for private meetings with 1-2 people. 


Its portable design makes it easy to carry around and comes with a protective case. Its convenient stand allows you to prop the speakerphone up on a desk or table for easier manageability. The CP700 features DH audio and has 2 omnidirectional microphones. You can pair up to 3 devices simultaneously and calls from two different devices can be merged by connecting the CP700 to one device via Bluetooth and with the USB-connection on the second device.