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Grandstream DP750

Grandstream DP750
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Grandstream DP750 Long-Range DECT VoIP Base Station

The Grandstream DP750 Long-Range DECT VoIP Base Station can pair up to five DP720 DECT Cordless HD Handsets, offering mobility to users in both business and residential settings. This DECT base supports a range of up to 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors. 

Grandstream DP750 Long-Range DECT VoIP Base Station

This DECT base can handle up to 10 SIP accounts and 4 concurrent calls, and features 3-way voice conferencing, full HD audio and PoE. The DP750 DECT base supports a variety of auto provisioning methods, s well as TLS/SRTP/HTTPS encryption security.

The DP750 can be paired with the DP720 handsets to create a cordless VoIP solution. With a shared SIP account on all handsets, users can enjoy seamless unified features that will allow them to answer all calls regardless of location. Moreover, users can take advantage of flexible Ring Group options when multiple handsets share the same SIP account: Circular Mode: all phones ring sequentially from the phone next to the one that answered last Linear Mode: all phones ring sequentially in the predesignated order Parallel Mode: all phones ring concurrently and after one phone answers, the remaining available phones can make new calls Shared Mode: all phones ring concurrently and always share the same line similar to analog phones

Grandstream DP750 Features and Specifications:

  • Up to ten SIP accounts per system
  • Automated provisioning options
  • Supports PoE and power supply is included 
  • Supports advanced telephony features 
  • 3-way audio conferencing
  • Zero Config if used with Grandstream's UCM series of IP PBXs
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty 
1 Year Warranty