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Grandstream GMD1208

Grandstream GMD1208
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Grandstream GMD1208 Wireless Cordless Microphone
Price: $129.00


The Grandstream GMD1208 microphone is your conferencing solution's perfect companion, designed to enhance audio coverage and quality. Specifically crafted for use with Grandstream’s GVC3220 Ultra HD Multimedia Conferencing System, this microphone guarantees top-tier audio for all your meetings. 

Discover The Grandstream GMD1208  

Make it easier to be seen – and heard – with the following benefits: 

  • Capacitive Touch Mute Button with LED: Easily mute the microphone with a touch, and the LED indicator provides clear status notifications. 

  • Built-in Battery: Enjoy long talk times with the rechargeable battery, ensuring uninterrupted meetings. 

  • Micro-B Port for Charging and Upgrading: Conveniently charge the device and upgrade its firmware via the Micro-B port. 

  • Low Power Indicator: Stay informed about battery status to avoid unexpected interruptions during important discussions. 

  • Built-in Omni-directional Microphones: Achieve 360-degree full-band voice pickup within a 5-meter radius, ensuring everyone's voice is heard clearly. 

  • Integrated Bluetooth and Ultrasound Pairing: Easily connect the microphone to Bluetooth devices using Bluetooth v2.1+EDR protocols or opt for ultrasound pairing for fast and reliable connections without errors. 

  • Error-Resilient Transmission: With high-quality audio coding and error tolerance, this microphone delivers clear and uninterrupted sound, making sure every sentence is heard! 


Is The Grandstream GMD1208 Right for Your Business?  

Do your customers want to invest in smoother collaboration, enhanced productivity, and stronger connections with your team and clients? Then the GMD1208 is perfect for them. Here are some examples of how different industries can benefit from it: 

  • Corporate: Equip boardroom meetings and executive conferences with crystal-clear audio, making sure every participant is heard. 

  • Legal: Make communication during depositions, client meetings, and courtroom proceedings seamless with precise and clear audio capture. 

  • Hospitality: Improve guest experiences in conference rooms, event spaces, and banquet halls with professional-grade audio for presentations and speeches.