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Grandstream GSC3506 SIP Speaker

Grandstream GSC3506 SIP Speaker
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Price: $199.00

Grandstream GSC3506 SIP Speaker

The GSC3506 is a 1-way public address SIP speaker that allows offices, schools, hospitals, apartments and more to build powerful public address announcement solutions that expand security and communication. The GSC3506 support built-in whitelists ,blacklists and greylists to easily block unwanted calls, SIP and multicast paging, group paging and PTT. users can easily sculpt a state-of-the-art security and PA announcement solution. Thanks to its modern industrial design and rich features, the GSC3506 is the ideal SIP speaker for any setting.

GSC3506 SIP Speaker Features:

  • Speaker with HD acoustic chamber
  • SIP paging, multicast paging, call waiting with priority override
  • Full-band and wide-band audio codec support 
  • 1x 2-pin switch-in input port, 1x Alarm-in input port, vol+/- Key, reset, 1x network port, 1x USB port
  • One 10/100Mbps network port with PoE/ PoE+