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Grandstream GWN7001

Grandstream GWN7001
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Grandstream Multi-WAN Gigabit VPN Wired Router, 6 x GigE
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The GWN7001 multi-WAN gigabit VPN router is tailor-made for business connectivity in mind with six gigabit ethernet ports. The GWN7001 supports any WAN/LAN configuration in order to fit into a variety of network infrastructures.    

The Feature Rich GWN7001 

Multi-WAN Capability 

The GWN7001 effectively manages multiple WAN connections at the same time, allowing you to distribute traffic across different internet connections to support failover efforts to ensure consistent connectivity. 

Gigabit Ethernet Ports 

With 6-gigabit ethernet ports, the GWN7001 is ideal for a variety of WAN/LAN configurations. The ports facilitate data transfers at high speeds 

Built-in Firewall 

The router incorporates a robust built-in firewall that goes beyond basic protection. It offers advanced content security, comprehensive filtering capabilities, and effective threat detection and prevention tools. This ensures a secure network environment by safeguarding against potential cyber threats. 

High-Performance Routing 

The routing and switching capabilities with the GWN7001 deliver optimal network performance by directing data traffic, minimizing latency, and ensuring a smooth and responsive network. 

VPN Support 

The GWN7001 prioritizes data security with integrated VPN support. Businesses can establish secure connections and encrypt data transmissions to protect sensitive information from potential breaches. 

Embedded Controller 

Manage up to 150 Wi-Fi Access Points through the GWN7001’s embedded controller. This centralized management streamlines their configuration. This makes the offering a convenient solution for scaling and optimizing any network infrastructure.

Is the GWN7001 Right for You?  

Medium and large businesses would be best served by the GWN7001’s reliable connection across several branches and offices.  

The GWN7001 is also ideal for any midsize company that needs high-speed internet access, VoIP prioritization, and IPTV support 

Any organization that needs to support several concurrent applications with content filtering in multiple locations would be well supported by the GWN7001.