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Grandstream GWN7001P

Grandstream GWN7001P
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Grandstream GWN7001P , Layer 2 Unmanaged PoE Switch, 8 x GigE (4 x PoE), Metal Case
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The GWN7001P is more than just a router - it's a comprehensive networking solution. With built-in firewalls and support for wired, wireless, and VPN networks across multiple locations, it empowers companies of all sizes to manage, improve, and scale their connectivity with ease. 

Say Hello to The Grandstream GWN7001P 

Having a good router is important. Having an exceptional router? That can make all the difference between efficient operations and a productivity slump. Thankfully, the GWN7001 is an exceptional router. Here’s why: 

  • Multi-WAN Powerhouse: Multiple Gigabit RJ45 ports and Gigabit SFP ports, guarantees your data flows seamlessly and swiftly – no matter where it’s going. 
  • Built-in VPN Support: Need to connect remote employees securely to your corporate network? No problem. The GWN7001P comes with built-in VPN support, making remote access a breeze while keeping your data safe and sound. 

  • Failover and Load Balancing: Say goodbye to downtime nightmares. With multiple WAN ports and load balancing, this router ensures maximum connection reliability. Even if one connection fails, your business keeps on rolling without a hitch. 

  • Robust Firewall Features: Your data's security is our priority. The GWN7001P comes armed with rich firewall features, including DDNS, port forwarding, DMZ, and more, keeping cyber threats at bay while you focus on growing your business. 

  • Advanced QoS: Don't let latency ruin your day. The GWN7001P's advanced Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that your apps perform flawlessly, giving you the edge you need in our hyper-virtual world. 

  • Content Filtering: Keep your network safe from unwanted intrusions. The GWN7001P supports application, URL, DNS, and web content filtering, giving you control over what your employees can access and keeping your network protected from malicious content. 

  • Easy Management: Manage your network effortlessly with embedded controller support for up to 150 Grandstream Access Points (GWN APs) or take advantage of GWN.Cloud for a free cloud management platform for unlimited routers and GWN APs. 

Is The Grandstream GWN7001P Right for Your Business? 

This router is perfect for businesses that need secure connectivity but don’t have time to do an entire DIY networking approach. Some of the industries that might benefit from a one-and-done router are: 

  • Retail: The GWN7001P secures your store transactions, keeps your POS systems connected without interruption, and manages your network reliably so you can focus on serving customers. 
  • Healthcare: With the GWN7001P, your healthcare facility gets network solutions that comply with HIPAA regulations, allowing remote staff secure access to patient data, and simplifying management of patient records. 
  • Education: The GWN7001P provides a safe online environment for students and staff, efficiently managing educational resources and platforms to support effective learning. 

  • Hospitality: For hotels and restaurants, the GWN7001P manages guest Wi-Fi smoothly, secures payment gateways, and allocates network resources efficiently to guarantee guests can stay connected with ease.  

  • Corporate Offices: With the GWN7001P, your remote employees can stay productive and collaborative through a secure VPN, while robust firewall features protect your company's data and manage your network resources with precision. Talk about smooth operations!