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Grandstream GWN7630LR

Grandstream GWN7630LR
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Grandstream GWN7630LR Outdoor WiFi Access Point

The GWN7630LR has come to solve the needs of small and large businesses requiring an outdoor long-range W-Fi access point that won't disappoint. The GWN7630LR has a robust antenna design that supports maximum network throughput and can handle more than 200 clients at a range of up to 300 meters (984 feet).

Grandstream GWN7630LR WiFi Access Point Overview 

The GWN7630 long range access point features a weatherproof casing and heat resistant technology that will stand the test of time when used in outdoor scenarios. Since the GWN7630LR is outdoor rated it is ideal for enterprises, multiple floor offices and multi-building applications. Nevertheless, this access point can also be used indoors in scenarios like schools, hospitals, warehouses and the like. 

The GWN7630LR is easy to install and manage because it has a built-in controller in the web user interface. You can also manage it via the Grandstream GWN.Cloud, which is a zero-cost cloud Wi-Fi management platform. Moreover, the GWN7630LR seamlessly pairs with Grandstream's Wi-Fi-enabled voice and video IP phones so that in the event that you already have said Grandstream phones or if you are looking for a full solution Grandstream can cater to those needs. 

Grandstream GWN7630LR Features and Specifications:

  • Up to 300-meter coverage range
  • IP66 weatherproof casing for outdoor deployments
  • Support 200+ concurrent Wi-Fi client devices
  • 2.33Gbps wireless throughput and 2x Gigabit wireline ports
  • Dual-band 4x4:4 MIMO technology
  • Self power adaptation upon auto detection of PoE/PoE+
  • Advanced QoS to ensure real-time performance of low latency applications
  • Anti-hacking secure boot and critical data/control lockdown
  • Flexibility of detachable/changeable antenna for different application scenarios
  • Embedded controller can manage up to 50 local GWN series APs;GWN.Cloud offers unlimited AP management
  • IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac (Wave-2)