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Grandstream GWN7816 - Managed 48 port Switch - Enterprise

Grandstream GWN7816 - Managed 48 port Switch - Enterprise
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Grandstream GWN7816 Enterprise Layer 3 Managed PoE Network Switch, 48 x GigE, 6 x SFP+
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Grandstream GWN7816 L3 Managed Switch 

The Grandstream GWN7816(P) is a powerful solution for medium-to-large enterprises seeking to establish scalable, secure, high-performance business networks. It supports advanced VLAN and QoS for maximum network performance. Its highlights include: 

Product Highlights 

  • Network Efficiency: The GWN7816(P) offers a robust 48-port Layer 3 managed network switch, providing enterprises with the capacity to build and manage extensive networks efficiently. 

  • Sophisticated Network Management: Enjoy flexible traffic segmentation with advanced VLAN capabilities. 

  • Manage Network Traffic Effectively: Ensure optimal performance for critical applications effectively with advanced Quality of Service (QoS) features. 

  • Optimize Your Network Performance: Enjoy an efficient data flow through IGMP/MLD Snooping. 

  • Enhanced Security: Guard your network data against potential attacks with comprehensive security capabilities. 

  • Multiple Management Options: Manage the GWN7816(P) through the local Web user interface, CLI (command-line interface), and GWN. Cloud, and GWN Manager. This flexibility provides diverse options tailored to different user preferences.

More Details 

  • Various security measures include ARP Inspection, IP Source Guard, protection against Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, port security, and DHCP snooping. 
  • Reliability features include fault detection, device protection, dual boot, dual system file redundancy, link aggregation, storm control, and more. 

  • Scale your network infrastructure with 48 ports and Layer 3 management. 

  • Support Cloud and On-premise management with GWN. Cloud and CWN Manager. 

  • 48 Gigabit Ethernet ports and 6 Gigabits SFP+ ports 

Client Profile 

The GWN7816(P) is tailored for enterprises and medium-to-large businesses seeking high-performance networks with maximum capacity and control. Ideal clients include those who prioritize network scalability, security, and flexibility in their business operations.

Any Questions? 

If you’re interested in elevating your network infrastructure, the GWN7816(P) can be the ally you’re looking for. Contact us, and our experts at NTS Direct will tell you everything about its advanced features, security capabilities, or management options.