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Fanvil PA2S SIP Paging Gateway

Fanvil PA2S SIP Paging Gateway
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Fanvil PA2S SIP Paging Gateway
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Meet The Fanvil PA2S SIP Paging Gateway 

The Fanvil PA2S SIP Paging Gateway integrates broadcasting, recording, intercom, and security functions into one device. It features IP/RTP/RTSP protocol for media streaming and reliable and efficient communication. 

The Fanvil PA2S SIP Paging Gateway Key Features: 

  • Real-time and fixed-time broadcasting: Use this device to create live broadcasts in real-time or recordings at fixed time by connecting an external device such as a microphone or mobile phone 
  • Emergency call button: Safety comes standard with the Fanvil PA2S. Its emergency button and indicator light make it easy to call out in an emergency, so help is always just a button press away in critical situations. 

  • Remote monitoring and real-time alarm: The device can work with many other devices, such as a PIR sensor, alarm light, alarm bell, and switch. These tools make remote monitoring simple. 

  • Power Amplifier Output: The Fanvil PA2S has a 10W—30W mono-channel power amplifier output. This ensures clear and loud audio that’s suitable for even the largest spaces.  

Is The Fanvil PA2S SIP Paging Gateway Right for You?  

The Fanvil PA2S SIP Paging Gateway is a versatile, compact device that can be easily integrated with other equipment. This makes it an excellent option for a wide range of businesses and industries, such as:  

  • Educational Institutions: The Fanvil PA2S can greatly benefit educational institutions. Schools and universities often need to make announcements or emergency alerts, and its real-time broadcasting feature makes this process easier.  
  • Healthcare Facilities: Hospitals and clinics can also find the Fanvil PA2S helpful. Clear communication is essential when it comes to managing the health and safety of the public. 

  • Large Corporations with Multiple Departments: Corporations with large campuses can use the Fanvil PA2S to ensure every team is on the same page by broadcasting communication across a facility.