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Fanvil PA3 SIP Paging Gateway

Fanvil PA3 SIP Paging Gateway
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Fanvil PA3
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Fanvil PA3 SIP Paging Gateway

The Fanvil PA3 Paging Gateway is a SIP adapter to connect speakers to an IP paging system — used to improve the PA system. PA3 works for broadcasts, background music, intercoms and more. Able to be used in schools, hospitals, retail stores and much more. 


Fanvil PA3 is a full IP solution with network connectivity and PoE power support — streamline your public address (PA) speaker installation. Use a TF Card or USB stick to store data and enable offline broadcasting. Highly compact, PA3 fits in the palm of your hand — install it out of sight.

Fanvil PA3 SIP Paging Gateway Features and Specifications:

  • 2 SIP lines
  • MP3 broadcasting
  • Speed dial
  • Supports Multicast
  • Linkage to video camera for video intercom
  • Embedded in other equipment for internal installation
  • 10W~30W mono channel power amplifier output, according to the input voltage to setting the output power
  • Audio line in port, 3.5mm standard audio interface, plug and play
  • Audio line out port, expandable external active speaker


Intercom & Door Phone