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Htek UCV53 Pro BRANDABLE Phone

Htek UCV53 Pro BRANDABLE Phone
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Htek UCV53 Pro BRANDABLE Cordless Smart Video IP Phone

UCV53 Pro is an enterprise video phone that runs on Android 11 operating system, with smoother operation experience. 8" 1280x800multi-pointtouch IPS screen and HD voice brings you realistic visual-audio experience. Its built-in 8 mega-pixel camera enables convenient and fast videoconference.

UCV53 Pro supports wireless Bluetooth handset BTP50, free you from distance limitations, greatly improving office flexibility. In terms of team collaboration, UCV53 Pro has many kinds of interfaces, which can meet your needs perfectly. Through UCV53 Pro, you can conduct remote collaboration better than ever.


Support Bluetooth handset BTP50

  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • Feature keys: Handset key, Speakerphone key, Mute key, Volume control keys
  • Status indicator LED
  • HD speaker, HD codec
  • Supports 10% packet loss resistance
  • Supports handset/speakerphone mode
  • BTP50 finding when not at handset cradle
  • Remaining battery display
  • Low battery indication
  • Battery Capacity: 720 mAh
  • Up to 30 hours of talk time
  • Up to 300 hours of standby time
  • Can be used within 10 meters from the phone
  • Place/Answer/Hang up/Redial/Reject/Mute a call
  • Volume control / Voice indicator
  • Firmware upgrade


Phone Features

  • 16 SIP accounts
  • Call hold, mute, DND
  • One-touch speed dial, hotline
  • Call forward, call waiting, call transfer
  • Redial, call return, auto answer, direct IP call
  • Four-way video conferencing
  • Ten-way audio & video mixed conferencing (up to 4-way video conferencing)
  • SMS, emergency call
  • Ring tone selection/provisioning
  • Set date time automatically or manually
  • Dial plan for each account
  • RTCP-XR (RFC3611), VQ-RTCPXR (RFC6035)
  • Action URL/URI
  • Wireless Access Point (AP mode)
  • Onscreen keyboard
  • USB ports for media, storage applications
  • Notification Center and Control Center
  • Third party Android application support
  • Android Operating System


Video Features

  • Support 1080p HD Video
  • Video codec: H.265, H.264 High Profile, H.264, VP8
  • Built-in 8 mega-pixel camera
  • Audio Features
  • HD voice: HD handset, HD speaker, HD codec
  • Acoustic Shield
  • Smart noise suppression for far end
  • Audio codec: Opus, G.722, G.711 (A/μ), G.729A/B, G.726-32, iLBC, G.723.1
  • DTMF: In-band, Out-of-band (RFC 2833) and SIP INFO
  • Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC


Feature keys

  • 276 one-touch DSS keys
  • 3 feature keys Headset, Mute and Speakerphone
  • Volume control key
  • 1 dedicated touch key for Teams