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Fanvil i62 Video Door Phone

Fanvil i62 Video Door Phone
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Fanvil i62
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The Fanvil i62 is not just your average video door phone. It combines access control, intercom, and surveillance features into one sleek device. Built with durable aluminum alloy, it’s a solid and stylish addition to your building. 

Discover The Fanvil I62 

This door phone has what it takes to keep your building accessible yet secure. 

  • Protection from the Elements: With IP66 and IK07 ratings, it's built to withstand tough outdoor conditions, guaranteeing reliability in any environment. 
  • Flexible Access Control: Open doors with ease using RFID/IC cards, switches, or remote controls, giving you customizable access management options. 

  • Clear Communication: Equipped with a 2 Mega-pixel wide-angle camera and infrared night vision, it guarantees clear audio/video calls, enhancing security day and night. 

  • Easy Integration: Compatible with ONVIF protocol and featuring rich input/output interfaces, it seamlessly integrates with other security systems, offering tailored solutions for your business. 

  • Convenient Video Storage: Store images effortlessly with the built-in TF card slot, supporting up to 128GB for easy access to recorded footage. 

Is The Fanvil I62 Right for Your Business? 

The Fanvil I62 is great for businesses of all sizes, but are particularly helpful for industries prioritizing security and communication, like: 

  • Property Management: Property managers can keep a watchful eye on their buildings from anywhere with the Fanvil I62, ensuring only the right people get in, giving tenants peace of mind and keeping properties safe round the clock. 
  • Education: With the Fanvil I62, schools can have a modern entry system that keeps unwanted visitors out while allowing authorized personnel in, providing a safe and secure environment for students to learn and thrive. 

  • Manufacturing: In manufacturing facilities, the Fanvil I62 makes communication between workers quick and easy, allowing them to gain access to the right places at the right times. 
  • Healthcare: Hospitals need to be extra careful about who enters their premises. With the Fanvil I62, staff can talk to visitors at the door, ensuring only authorized people gain access to sensitive areas, prioritizing patient privacy and safety.